Choosing the right wood to make pellets: a complete guide

The market for wood pellets, also called pellets, has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Indeed, they represent an ecological and economical alternative to traditional fossil fuels. To obtain quality pellets, it is essential to choose the right type of wood. In this article, we will review the criteria to consider when selecting the ideal … Read more

What is the efficiency of a pellet machine?

Understanding the performance of a pellet machine The production of wood pellets, also called pellets, is a process that requires specific and efficient equipment. Among this equipment, the pellet machine occupies a central place in the production chain. In order to choose your pellet press carefully and optimize its profitability, it is essential to understand … Read more

Creating your own pellets: step-by-step guide

Make your own pellets is an economical and ecological solution for heating or powering certain equipment. In this article, we will explain to you how to make your wood, grass or bark pellets by following a few simple steps. Step 1: Choose the raw material The first step in making your pellets is to choose … Read more

Pellet press plan

Press support plan Press foot plan Bottom side plan for pellet press Pellet press matrix plan Pellet press cylinder plan Press vertical axis plane to be continued… I will continue to edit the plans.

How to make a pellet press yourself?

Over the years, I have become increasingly aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint and promote more sustainable energy sources. One of the solutions I found to contribute to this effort is the production of pellets from biomass, which are used as fuel for heating systems. However, while researching pellet presses available on … Read more

Pellet heating: is it still profitable?

In a context where ecological and economic concerns are increasingly present, the choice of a heating system for your home becomes crucial. Among the existing alternatives, pellet heating represents an interesting option to study. But is it still profitable to heat with pellets today? The advantages of pellet heating Pellet heating has several undeniable advantages: … Read more

Which binder to choose to optimize the quality of wood pellets?

THE wood pellets are increasingly popular as a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source. To guarantee their performance and durability, it is essential to select the right binder during their manufacture. In this article, we will present to you the different types of binders available on the market and their respective advantages. The role of … Read more

How to identify a superior quality pellet?

Pellets, or wood pellets, have become an essential source of renewable energy for heating in an ecological and economical way. However, not all pellets are equal in terms of performance and durability. So, how do you recognize a good pellet? Here are some criteria to take into account to help you make the right choice. … Read more

Find the best deals on cheap Pellets: Complete buying guide

Introduction If you want to reduce your heating bill while preserving the planet motivates you, pellets may be the answer to your quest. These Pellets present themselves as a solution at the same time ecological And economic, a perfect alternative to fossil fuels. But then, how can you find the most attractive pellet offers at … Read more