Our opinion on the Geotech EWPM120S pellet machine

Energy autonomy is a growing concern for many households and businesses. The manufacture of wood pellets from shredded branches, using a pellet press, is a practical and ecological solution for producing thermal energy. This article will detail how to proceed with the GeoTech EWPM120S pellet press.

The GeoTech EWPM120S pellet press is a single-phase electric machine which operates on a current of 230V and develops a power of 3 hp. It is equipped with a die with 6 mm diameter perforations, which is ideal for the production of standard size pellets.

GeoTech Single-phase 3 HP pellet press - manufacturing of pellets for heating

Making pellets at home

  1. First wood grinding
    It is first necessary to carry out an initial grinding of the wood. To do this, use your branch shredder without any reduction sieve. The grind must be fine enough to pass through the perforations in the pellet press die. It is recommended to use a plant shredder equipped with an interchangeable sieve grid in the ejection chute, such as the Tritone and Tritone Maxi models from Ceccato, or the shredders from our AgriEuro brand of 7 HP and 15 HP .
  2. Second wood grinding
    The product from the first grinding must be introduced again into the wood chipper. This time, a calibration grid must be mounted to reduce the shredded material to a size suitable for the pellet press.
  3. Drying of the ground material
    The wood to be ground must be green, so it is necessary to let the ground material obtained after the second grinding dry before any use. The optimal humidity for a compact pellet is between 10 and 14%.
  4. Manufacturing of pellets
    Once the crushed material is dry, it can be introduced into the hopper of the pellet press. Be sure to only insert pure, clean products, without anything that could damage the machine, such as plastic or metal.

It should be noted that the manufacture of pellets requires the constant presence of an operator to feed the press.

Technical characteristics of the GeoTech EWPM120S pellet press
The pellet press produces the extraction of pellets, or granulation, using a circular die of 120 mm in diameter. The material is pressed by two 78 mm diameter rollers, each with two bearings.

The loading hopper allows the material to be crushed to be introduced, while the ejection chute is used to remove the pellets. The motor has an absorption of 2.2 kW.

The hourly output of the pellet press is between 40 and 60 kg. It produces pellets with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of between 25 and 35 mm.

GeoTech Single-phase 3 HP pellet press - manufacturing of pellets for heating

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Unpacking and assembly of the GeoTech EWPM120S pellet press

When you receive your GeoTech EWPM120S pellet press, you will immediately notice the quality of the packaging. The package is well secured, with each component carefully packaged to avoid damage in transit.

Opening the package is a moment of discovery. Each part is carefully stored, and the main machine, well protected, sits in the center. The whole gives an impression of robustness and quality.

Assembling the machine is child’s play. The instructions provided are clear and detailed, and all the pieces fit together perfectly. In less than an hour, your pellet press is ready for use. We appreciate the simplicity of assembly, which does not require any particular technical skills.

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First tests and getting started

The first tests are very conclusive. The GeoTech EWPM120S pellet press is easy to use, even for a novice. The controls, all located on the front panel of the machine, are intuitive and responsive.

From the first uses, the machine shows its effectiveness. The ground material is transformed into pellets quickly and evenly. The announced yield is there, which is very satisfactory.

Pellets: an ecological alternative for heating

Pellets, also called wood pellets, are a type of renewable fuel that has gained popularity in recent years. They are made from compressed sawdust, a byproduct of the lumber industry. This use of sawdust contributes to the sustainable management of forests.

Using pellets as heating fuel has several advantages. First, they have a high energy density, which means they provide a large amount of heat for a given volume. Second, they are easy to store and handle, making them easy to use in domestic heating systems.

Several brands have specialized in the production of equipment for the manufacture of pellets, including Olindo and Ceccato. These companies offer a varied range of pellet presses, adapted to the needs of individuals and professionals.

The pellet press is a machine that transforms wood shreds into pellets. The manufacturing process involves grinding the wood, drying it, and then compressing it at high pressure through a die to form the pellets.

The pellet press therefore makes it possible to recycle wood waste and transform it into a clean and renewable energy source. This is a great way to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and limit our impact on the environment.


The GeoTech EWPM120S pellet press stands out for its manufacturing quality and ease of use. Assembly is simple and quick, and the first tests are very convincing. This machine is an excellent investment for those who want to produce their own pellets independently and ecologically. It is a robust and efficient tool, which will allow you to valorize your shredded branches while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Single-phase 3 HP pellet press GeoTech - manufacturing of pellets for heating