Discover the Ceccato Olindo single-phase 3CV pellet machine. Discover our opinion.

In our quest for autonomy and ecology, it is increasingly necessary to find renewable and sustainable alternatives for our energy needs. One such alternative that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of pellets for heating. Made from compressed sawdust, pellets are a renewable energy source that has many benefits.

Single-phase 3 HP pellet press Ceccato Olindo - manufacturing of pellets for heating

Introduction to the Ceccato Olindo pellet press

One of the machines that stands out on the pellet press market is the 3 HP single-phase press from the Ceccato Olindo brand. This machine, entirely made in Italy, has been designed to allow you to produce your own pellets from wood shreds. This recycling process allows you to make wood waste profitable while producing fuel with high energy value.

The Ceccato Olindo pellet press is equipped with a 3 HP induction electric motor, which operates in single-phase 230V. The machine has a rated power of 3HP and weighs 140kg. It is equipped with a hopper measuring 35×45 cm, which allows it to process a large quantity of material at once.

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Machine operation

The pellet press works by transforming wood shreds into wood pellets. The ground material is introduced into the hopper of the machine, then compressed at high pressure through a die to form the pellets. The manufacturing process involves grinding the wood, drying it, and then compressing it at high pressure through a die to form the pellets.

It is important to note that the ground material must be small in order to be correctly transformed into pellets. To obtain the right size shredded material, it is recommended to use a plant shredder equipped with an interchangeable sieve grid in the ejection chute. This makes it possible to obtain a shredded material that is sufficiently small and of regular dimensions. The Tritone and Tritone Maxi models from Ceccato, or the 7 HP and 15 HP AgriEuro brand shredders, have been tested under this profile and are therefore fully guaranteed.

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Yield and quality of pellets

The Ceccato Olindo pellet press has an hourly output of 30 to 40 kg, which means that it can produce between 30 and 40 kg of pellets per hour. The pellets produced have a diameter of 6 mm and a length of between 25 and 35 mm.

The quality of the pellets produced depends on the quality of the ground material used. The wood used for grinding must be green and untreated, because treated wood is deprived of its properties and is therefore not suitable for use with the press. In addition, it is recommended to let the crushed material dry after grinding, because the optimal humidity level for a compact pellet is between 10 and 14

Upon receipt of the package containing the Ceccato Olindo pellet press, the first impression is that of maximum safety. The package is well packaged, guaranteeing optimal protection of the product during transport. Unboxing is done with a certain ease, revealing a robust and carefully protected machine.

Assembling the machine is child’s play. The instructions provided are clear and detailed, making each step of the process easy to follow. Even for those who have no prior experience with this type of equipment, assembly is done in no time.

Once the machine is assembled, it is time to carry out the first tests. Single-phase 230V activation of the machine is a simple process, and the induction electric motor type is easy to understand and operate. Control of the machine is intuitive, even for a beginner. The first tests are conclusive: the machine works as expected, producing high quality pellets.

It should be noted that, despite its ease of use, the Ceccato Olindo pellet press is a powerful and efficient machine. With a nominal power of 3HP, it is capable of producing between 30 and 40 kg of pellets per hour. This is an impressive performance, which testifies to the quality of the machine.

Single-phase 3 HP pellet press Ceccato Olindo - manufacturing of pellets for heating


In conclusion, the Ceccato Olindo pellet press is a high quality, well designed and easy to use machine. Whether you are a professional or an individual wishing to produce your own pellets for heating, this machine is an excellent choice. Its quick and easy assembly, ease of use and exceptional performance make it an ideal option for those looking for an ecological and autonomous solution for their heating.