FBC hammer crusher our opinion on this crusher

THE electric plant shredder professional hammer FBC mod. BIO.M5.30 from the AgriEuro brand is superior quality equipment, ideal for cutting and shredding branches and plants.

Professional electric hammer plant shredder FBC mod. BIO.M5.30

Main Features :
– Large steel hopper, capable of receiving bulky branches and foliage without preparation work. The hopper has a large capacity which allows processing a large quantity of materials in a single operation.
– Powerful 3.0 HP single-phase (230 volts) SUPERPROFESSIONAL motor with thermal protection.
– Exceptional cutting mechanism, consisting of 2 large and thick cutting blades, mounted on a rotating steel disc at the end of the hopper. These blades cut materials into larger fragments. The crusher is also equipped with 6 high-speed rotating hardened steel knives, which reduce materials into small fragments. The finely ground fragments are expelled through a grid located at the outlet.
– The grinding hopper is the largest and strongest in its category. It is large and rounded in shape, which guarantees high productivity and a long lifespan.
– The chassis and structure of the machine are made of 100% steel, which gives it great robustness and good shock resistance.
– The grinder has a cutting diameter of 40 mm, which places it at the top of the electric hopper grinders on the market.
– It is equipped with robust and large rubber wheels, which makes it easy to move on all types of terrain.

The professional electric hammer plant shredder FBC mod. BIO.M5.30 comes with a user manual and assembly is quick and easy.

It is important to note that the shredder must be used to shred freshly cut branches and not dry ones, as the latter will limit its shredding capacity and could quickly damage the blades. Branches should also have a regular shape, without knots, to achieve better cutting results. The declared cutting diameter is the maximum diameter and should be an exception, rather than regular use. If you need to shred larger diameter branches, we advise you to use a shredder with a larger cutting diameter. It is also important to note that the cutting diameter may vary depending on the type of wood being chipped.

In summary, the professional electric hammer shredder FBC mod. BIO.M5.30 is high-performance, robust and versatile equipment, ideal for professionals in agriculture, gardening and DIY. It offers high material processing capacity and ensures quality cutting results.