The GeoTech 7 HP Thermal Pellet Press

Energy autonomy is a major challenge of our century. In a context of energy transition and the search for sustainable solutions, the manufacture of pellets for heating presents itself as an interesting alternative. It is with this in mind that we will be interested in the Pellet Press Thermal 7 HP GeoTech, a machine that allows you to produce your own fuel from shredded wood.

GeoTech 7 HP thermal pellet press - manufacturing of pellets for heating

Presentation of the GeoTech 7 CV Thermal Pellet Press

The GeoTech 7 HP Thermal Pellet Press is a machine that makes pellets for heating from ground wood. It is powered by gasoline and develops a power of 7 HP, which allows you to make pellets even in places without electric current. The machine is equipped with a die with 6 mm diameter perforations.

The pellet press is ideal for recycling and making profitable the shredded material produced with a branch shredder. In fact, it makes it possible to transform this crushed material into a very efficient fuel in terms of energy value.

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How to make pellets at home?

Making pellets at home requires several steps. First of all, you must first grind the wood with a grinder without any reduction screen. Then, the product from this first grinding must be introduced again into the branch shredder. This time, a calibration grid must be mounted to bring the crushed material to a size suitable for the pellet press.

It is important to note that the wood to be chopped must be green. After the second grinding, the product obtained must therefore be allowed to dry before any use. The optimal humidity level for a compact pellet is between 10 and 14%. Once the crushed material is dry, it can be introduced into the press hopper to transform it into pellets.

It is recommended to introduce only pure and clean products, without any element likely to damage the machine (plastic, metal). The result may vary depending on the type of wood used and the degree of drying of the shredded material.

Technical characteristics

The GeoTech pellet press is equipped with a circular die with a diameter of 150 mm. The pressing of the material is guaranteed by two rollers with two bearings each. The movement of the road rollers is powered by a heat engine with a power of 7 HP.

The material to be crushed is loaded through the loading hopper and the pellet exits laterally through the ejection chute. The hourly output of the pellet press varies between 50 and 90 kg and produces a pellet with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of between 25 and 35 mm. It is also possible to replace the die to obtain pellets of different diameters (4 – 6 – 8 mm).

The machine has rubber wheels for easy movement. Its maximum dimensions are 750 mm in length, 420 mm in depth and 700 mm in height.

The 7 HP engine

The engine of the GeoTech pellet press is a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine – OHV of 7 HP. It has a displacement of 270 cm³ and is powered by gasoline. It is important to note that the engine is supplied without oil and it is necessary to read the instruction manual carefully before the first start.

Product Features

The GeoTech pellet press is activated by a thermal engine and has a maximum production of 65 kg/h. Its hourly output varies between 35 and 65. It is made in China.

The engine model is WM170F/P and it has a maximum speed of 1800 rpm. It is powered by overhead valves.

Accessories offered and standard

The GeoTech pellet press comes with a user manual which provides instructions for maintaining and cleaning the machine. It is also supplied with a syringe oiler for maintenance, accessories for engine maintenance and two bottles of 10W40 oil specific for 4-stroke engines. The machine is shipped on a pallet and in a wooden crate.

Dimensions and logistics

The dimensions of the product are 40x73x79 cm and those of the packaging are 42x57x70 cm. The packaging weight is 120 kg. The machine comes with a tail lift and assembly time is 5 minutes.


The GeoTech 7 HP Thermal Pellet Press is a high-performance machine that allows you to produce your own heating fuel. It is ideal for people wishing to recycle and make a profit from their wood shreds. Its ease of use and technical characteristics make it a tool of choice for energy autonomy.