The essential accessories for your pellet press

In the world of heating and energy production, pellet presses are increasingly popular machines. They make it possible to transform biomass into wood pellets or other plant materials, a clean and renewable energy source. To optimize the operation of these machines, it is essential to have suitable accessories. This article presents the main accessories to improve the use of your pellet press.

The choice of spare parts

To ensure proper maintenance and optimal operation of your pellet press, it is necessary to choose quality spare parts. In fact, certain parts wear out over time and must be replaced to ensure maximum performance of the machine. Here are some things you might need:

  • Electric motors : check their condition regularly to avoid overheating problems and breakdowns.
  • Bearings: they are essential for holding rollers and other mechanical components in place. Make sure they are well lubricated and free of corrosion.
  • Belts: they transmit the driving force to the different components of the machine. Check their tension and replace them if excessive wear occurs.
  • Springs: they guarantee constant pressure on the rollers, which is crucial for the quality of the pellets. Replace them if their tension decreases over time.

Replacement rollers and dies

The rollers and dies are the heart of the pellet machine. They compress the biomass between them to form granules. It is therefore essential to keep them in good condition and to have several copies available.

Rolls; Coils

THE compression rollers are subjected to constant stress during the production of pellets. They must therefore be checked regularly and replaced in the event of wear or damage. It is recommended to have at least two sets of rollers to be able to continue producing while a game is under maintenance.


The matrix is ​​the element which gives its shape to the granules. It is made up of numerous holes in which the biomass is compressed by the rollers. THE spare dies will allow you to quickly and easily change this crucial element of your pellet press.

Other useful accessories

In addition to spare parts and rollers/dies, other accessories can improve the use of your pellet press:

  • A level detector: it allows you to check the quantity of biomass in the hopper and avoid problems linked to a lack or excess of raw material.
  • A magnetic separator: it removes metal particles that could damage the rollers and other mechanical components of the machine.
  • A pellet cooler: it accelerates the cooling of the pellets after their production, which improves their quality and reduces the risk of agglomeration.
  • An automatic control unit: it optimizes production management by automatically adjusting machine parameters according to needs.

Storage of pellets

Once the pellets are produced, it is important to store them properly to preserve their quality. Here are some tips for optimal storage:

  1. Store the pellets in a dry place protected from humidity.
  2. Check regularly for the presence of mold or pests.
  3. Use airtight bags or suitable silos to prevent degradation of the pellets.
  4. Ensure good ventilation in the storage area to avoid bad odors and humidity problems.

In conclusion, to get the most out of your pellet press and ensure optimal operation, it is essential to have the suitable accessories. The spare parts, rollers, dies and other equipment mentioned in this article will help you optimize the use of your pellet machine and produce quality biomass.