Smartwood PLT 50 pellet press, discover our opinion

SmartWood PLT-50 pellet press: An Ecological Solution for your Heating

There SmartWood PLT-50 pellet press is a high-end device, entirely made in Italy, which meets the highest quality criteria. The result of precision engineering and rigorous testing, this machine is perfectly suited to processing various types of wood.

How Does the SmartWood PLT-50 Work?

The SmartWood PLT-50 is a pellet press which, taking into account the thermoforming of the pellets, offers quality pellets and satisfactory production output. Factors to consider are:

  • Moisture content of the material
  • Material particle size
  • Drawing type: the right compression depending on the type/species of the biomass.

It is essential to consider the pellet press as a machine tool, using the right compression depending on the material to be worked.

Single-phase electric pellet press Smartwood PLT-50

The Manufacturing Process

  1. The wood is introduced into the machine die after careful preparation: the material must be dry (10-14% humidity) and crushed to a precise particle size.
  2. The material is expelled from the die in which there is a material pre-loading part (flaring at the inlet), after which a cylindrical part (usually 6 mm in diameter) will produce the correct thermoforming of the product.
  3. It is important to note that any foreign or ferrous body can significantly damage the pellet press.

Advantages of the SmartWood PLT-50

  • Recycling of wood waste : The SmartWood PLT-50 allows you to profitably recycle the shavings produced by your shredder or the waste from your carpentry workshop.
  • Renewable energy production : The pellets produced are a renewable, efficient and economical source of energy for heating your home or workplace.
  • Energy autonomy : Thanks to this machine, you will be able to produce your own fuel, which will reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources.

Single-Phase Power Supply and Maintenance

The SmartWood PLT-50 pellet press is powered by a single-phase electric motor with a power of 3 HP. For its maintenance, a 1.5 kg pot of special exclusive Smartwood mixture is provided for the first start of the machine. It can also be used after the machine has been stopped for too long, or for blockages due to improper use of the die.

Single-phase electric pellet press Smartwood PLT-50


The SmartWood PLT-50 pellet press is a powerful tool for those looking to increase their energy autonomy and reduce their ecological footprint. By recycling wood waste into a renewable energy source, you are making a wise choice for the environment and for your wallet. Remember, by opting for renewable energy, you are contributing to the sustainable future of our planet.